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Cybex 600A Arc Trainer

Cybex 600A Arc Trainer

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The Cybex Arc Trainer 600A was voted the best new product of 2004 & 2005 because of the revolutionary new intense workout that it offers. Club members and owners have given it rave reviews and because of the punch it packs by combining elements of a climber, cross-trainer and cross-country skier and like all Cybex fitness equipment, it’s designed to give the least amount of stress on joints while maintaining the highest level of performance. Add all this up and the trainer offers an effective workout that’s sure to cause an explosion in your facility. 

The units boasts a resistance range from 0 to 900 watts which accommodates a wide variety of users—for those seeking a very low work rate to dedicated athletes demanding an extreme workout. Bilateral reciprocal movement of the footplates along an accurate path offers a natural motion for a relaxed feel at low resistance levels and provides high intensity training at high resistance settings. The Cybex Arc Trainer has superior biomechanics which allow for high intensity training that places high loads on the muscles with less stress on joints. 

+ Programs: Quick Start, Manual, Hill Interval, Interval, Weight Loss, Cardio and Strength.

+ Displays: distance, calories, calories/hour, METs, watts, strides per minute and heart rate, heart rate %, time, incline and resistance level.

+ 101 Resistance Levels

+ 11 Incline Levels

+ Heart Rate: Built in wireless heart rate receiver and contact heart rate monitoring

+ Convenience Features: Accesory Tray, Built-in Reading Rack, and Water Bottle Holder.

+ Max User Weight: 400 lbs

+ Dimensions: 70" x 30"

+ Voltage: 110V (works on any standard outlet)

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